Conspiracy Gatherings

What started in 2016 as a fully self-produced short-film, now it’s growing bigger and harder to become a POLITICAL DOCU-PORN FEATURE FILM, consisting of a SERIES OF EPISODES shot in different cities and countries, with the purpose of bringing to light some concealed historical events and their remaining consequences.

By disclosing the despicable truth behind honoured dignitaries and institutions, we violate their undeserved honour; and in a symbolical revenge, we rape their memorials as they violently did to our cultures, to our people and our lands.

Conspiracy Gathering:

This proposal contemplates the screening of the first two episodes and a “work-in-progress” of the new ones (shot in Paris and Barcelona)* in an open workshop talk, where we introduce the project to the audience and share our experiences on the shootings and the ideas we have for the next episodes. We discuss topics as: How to create different performative radical expressions? Why porn? What does porn films and colonialism history have in common? It is safe to do it? If it is not, what can we do to create a “safe space” in a pornoterrorist action? What are the possible legal consequences? Where can I perform? What is the historical and current political context of the place? Which monuments or places we would like to violate and why?

Our intention is to find allies to collaborate with us in the realisation of new scenes or episodes, which could be shot in your city during the week of your event.

*For the realisation of these new episodes we have counted with the collaboration of people who came to the conspiracy gathering screenings we did in those cities and decided to join this re-educative porno-vandalic adventure. Currently, the third episode and all the new material is being edited while we are looking for collaborators all around the world to help us with the diffusion of this project, as well as with the production and post-production of the new episodes.


Conspiracy Gathering Berlin, 2018.


Conspiracy Gathering Brussels, 2018.


Conspiracy Gathering London, 2018.

APRIL 14th at 12h. London, UK.

Fuck the Fascism is an anti-colonialist, porno-terrorist film project, exposing the truth about monuments that glorify genocide, tyranny and slavery – through the direct action of raping the stone bodies, the way they raped countries and people! With episodes already shot in Berlin, Paris and Rome, now it’s time to come conspire on how to take the porno-terrorism to the streets of London.In an open workshop talk, founders Maria Basura and Jorge Benavides introduce the project to the audience, show previous episodes and share their experiences on the shootings.

What kind of episode could we shoot in London? And why porn – what does porn films and colonial history have in common? Workshop length approx 90 mins.

Price for this WS is £10/£12 to help support the facilitators. But, No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.*

Info where it’s held, and tickets via this link:

*If you love the project and want to join the event but can´t afford it, send us an e-mail to telling us what monuments you would like to dishonour and why, and how you could collaborate with us.

Conspiracy Gathering Barcelona, 2017.


Conspiracy Gathering Berlin, 2017.