Fuck Paris!

Fuck the Fascism – Paris

   Third episode of the series “Fuck the Fascism”,  shot in Paris during the Porn Yourself Festival 2017, and premiered at the festival´s next edition, in May 2018.


– Porn Yourself Festival – Paris, France (Premiere)
– La Barloca #1 – Brussels, Belgium.
– Mothers&Daughters FilmFestival – Brussels, Belgium.
– What The Fuck Festival – Paris, France.
– Coop d’Ull Festival – Barcelona, Spain.
– PornFilmFestival – Berlin, Germany.
– Deep Trash Escoria – London, UK.
– Globale Film Festival – Berlin, Germany.

Technical Sheet:

Directed by: MariaBasura.
Producer: JorgeTheObscene.
Performers: Sandy, MariaBasura, JorgeTheObscene, Mat  Sergent, Cléo, Finn Peaks, Morthy, Cohod du Pandemonium, Paul.
Camera: Nick Jaussi, MariaBasura.
Video Edit: MariaBasura, JorgeTheObscene.
Original Soundtrack: MariaBasura, La Pelos.
Sound Edit: MariaBasura

Category: Political Docu-Porn, Short Film Series.
Language/s: French, Spanish, English.
Subtitles: English, French.
Length (mins): 16’
Year: 2018.

Pornovandalism at Juan Pablo II´s Monument (Notre-Dame) and Père-Lachaise Cementery.