Fuck The Fascism #1

Fuck The Fascism

Fuck the Fascism intends to expose the true story behind monuments which glorify genocides, tyranny and slavery; to raise public awareness about the national heroes who we praise, those men who our streets are named after, and bequeathed great wealth forged with robbery, abuse and blood.

This Political-Porn Documentary Short-Film is an open invitation to everyone who wants to participate, from all over the world, to film their actions and reveal information about the place where they materialise. The recordings would be adhered to the project, which is growing to be a series of porno-vandalic actions in a documentary feature film.

“We come out to the streets. Monsters, mutants, queers, sudakas, migrants, dissidents; those who wake up and want to wake up others. Breaking down the walls imposed by (dis)knowledge, We fuck back the glorified asses of fascist dignitaries, heroes of colonialism. We fuck them, and in the crime scene we ejaculate real history on their stone bodies.”


– Performance “Thirst for Revenge” – PornFilmFestival Berlin, Germany.
– Muestra Marrana – Quito, Ecuador. (Premiere)
– Festival Sarna – Antofagasta, Chile.

– Festival Arte Erótico – Santiago, Chile.
– Festival Arte Erótico – Mar del Plata, Argentina.
– CSO La Enkarnizada – Barcelona, Spain.
– Hot Bits Festival – Philadelphia, United States.
– Lick & Listen #4 – Berlin, Germany.
– PopPorn Festival – Sao Paulo, Brazil.
*Special Mention: Flag (Political Porn)
– Royal Trash – London, UK.
– London Porn Film Festival – London, UK.
– Hacker Porn Film Festival – Rome, Italy.
– Porn Yourself Festival – Paris, France.
– Anormal Festival – Mexico City, Mexico.
– Berlin PornFilmFestival (Political Porn Section).
– MIX COPENHAGEN – Copenhagen, Denmark.

– La Cinètika – Barcelona, Spain.
– A Natale siamo tutti più Porno – Bologna, Italy.
– Cine Libertário Pós-Porno – Sao Paulo, Brazil.
– Pornifero Festival – Barcelona, Spain.
– Porn Film Festival Vienna – Vienna, Austria.
– Fucking Against Fascism Europe Tour – Berlin, Germany.
– Too Drunk To Watch – PunkFilmFest – Berlin, Germany.
– TrashEra – Berlin, Germany.
– Coop d’Ull Festival – Barcelona, Spain.
– Pink Screens – Brussels, Belgium.
– Globale Film Festival – Berlin, Germany.
– TechnoDrama – Brussels, Belgium.
– StyxX Prelude1 – Munich, Germany.

Technical Sheet:

Title: “Fuck the Fascism”
Production Countries: Chile, Spain and Germany.
Production Year: 2016
Director: Maria Basura
Editor: Maria Basura
Project´s Producer: Jorge Benavides
Producers Action Hamburg: Theo Meow, Erix Pussyboy
Camera Action Hamburg: Theo Meow
Sound Action Hamburg: Erix Pussyboy
Camera Action Barcelona: Malefigue Films
Cast: María Basura

Category: Political Docu-Porn Short Film.
Language/s: English and Spanish
Subtitles: English, French. 
Format: MP4 file
Duration: 8´29´´

Anti-Colonialist Manifestation, October 12th, 2015.
Maria Basura raping Columbus Monument, Barcelona, Spain.
Video: Sandro Gordon.
Photos: Karmen Tep.

MariaBasura raping Hagenbeck’s tombstone and memorial.
Photos: Theo Meow

Informative leaflets handed over at Tierpark, Hamburg.