Fuck the Fascism in Rome

Fuck the Fascism in Rome

Country: Italy, Chile, Germany ; Year: 2017.

   This is the second episode of the Political-Porn Docu-Film project “Fuck the Fascism”. It was written, shot and edited in just 4 days during the Hacker Porn Film Festival in Rome for its section 48h Porn Film Project. It is also an open invitation to everyone who wants to participate, from all over the world, to film their actions and reveal information about the place where they materialize. The recordings would be adhered to the project, which is growing to be a series of porno-vandalic actions in a documentary feature film.


– Hacker Porn Film Festival – Rome, Italy.
– Porn Yourself Festival – Paris, France.
– Anormal Festival – Mexico City, Mexico.
– Berlin PornFilmFestival – Berlin, Germany.
– La Cinètika – Barcelona, Spain.

– Fish&Chips Festival – Turin, Italy.
– Hot Bits Festival – Philadelfia, Baltimore; US.
– “Fucking Against Fascism” Europe Tour – Berlin, Germany.
– Coop d’Ull Festival – Barcelona, Spain.
– London Porn Film Festival – London, UK.
– Globale Film Festival – Berlin, Germany.
– Barlok – Brussels, Belgium.
– Liebig34 – Berlin, Germany.

– La Tribu – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– Newn Pinewn – Punta Arenas, Chile.
– Acusia – Antofagasta, Chile.
– Escanda – Asturias, Spain.


Technical Sheet:

Title: “Fuck the Fascism in Rome”
Production Countries: Chile, Italy.
Production Year: 2017.
Director: Maria Basura.
Edition: Maria Basura, Tigrotto Animalesque, Julia Locura Ostertag.
Camera: Maria Basura, Tigrotto Animalesque, Julia Locura Ostertag.
Cast: Annabi, Julia Locura Ostertag, MariaBasura, Marta Rot, Tigrotto Animalesque, Ugo el Putanìsimo.
Soundtrack: Vidal-Dosis, Prestamistas del Cuerpo.

Category: Political Docu-Porn Short Film.
Language/s: Spanish, Italian, English.
Subtitles: English, Spanish.
Format: MP4 file
Duration: 11´50´´