“Fuck The Fascism; Pornoterorismo e Pornovandalismo nel mondo”,

We are in our way to Rome to release the Photobook “Fuck The Fascism; Pornoterorismo e Pornovandalismo nel mondo”, in collaboration with Golena Edizioni, at the Hacker Porn Film Festival. This book is not just about our project, but it is also a compilation of different actions by artists and activists around the world. We are really grateful with all the people who sent us their material; even if was not possible to make them all part of it now, we hope to be able to make further and bigger editions in other languages soon 🙂
This is a Non-profit project. The incomes will be used to cover printing costs and re-invest in this PornoVandalic project.
If you want to support us you can share this post and/or buy the book in the following link:
or please contact us if you know any editorials which could be interested in publishing the book in other languages.
The launch event will be on April 25th at SPARWASSER, in Via del Pigneto 215 at 22:30 hrs.

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